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January 15th, 2012

Chapter 39: In the nick of time

I stood from my reverie and jumped at the sight,

The beast was no more, as if he vanished into the night.

Then with a snarl, the abomination did reveal,

That what goes on in the mind, might not be real.

“Come now child, I am a demon from which depths cannot be fathomed” He snarled, cursed, and garbled the words as if he were eating them, flesh by flesh. His form slowly emerging from the warm, yet moist, ground not ten feet away. His face smiled a smile that only a mother could love, with worms, centipedes and other creepy crawlies inching out of where his face was supposed to be.

“How cliché” I laughed as I charged towards him, rifle in hand, shooting every bullet left in the cartridge. I weaved and I ducked, spending all of my energy to avoid any counterattack he might or did use against me.

A loud metal clang erupted from the rifle “damn! Empty” I grumbled as I sidestepped into the abomination. I gripped the rifle’s head and decided to make one last use of it. I decided to swing it as hard as I could, into his bloody annoying face, twisting my hips as I swung for good measure.

Suddenly I felt the side of the rifle collide with his face. The loud thud I heard afterwards simply affirmed my guess.

I felt something slowly crack as the blow reached its climax; I had hoped it was his skull.

To my surprise, the blow had found home… but it made no sign that it had dealt any particular damage. The horror simply laughed as it brushed the blow aside and struck me back. I felt the side of my head explode with blunt force pain. My world had become suddenly become so full of bright-lit stars.

“It is such a pity child, you could have ran” He bellowed

“A Chemosh can only be killed by a Chemosh, I have no need to run” I yelled back as I got up again, ready for another round.

“So it may be” blow by blow, he smashed me deeper into the ground. I felt my ribs slowly give way to his blows, cracking, then shattering into a million pieces inside me, tearing my organs apart in a whirlwind of bone shrapnel.

He then stopped as quickly as he started. Standing over me, he smiled his twisted smile and laughed. I lay there, dying. I could feel the blood slowly inch out of my increasingly weakening body. I could hear his laughter, mocking me, taunting me to continue to pursue my feeble attempts at retaliation. His sickening gargles and belches made me want to vomit, but I didn’t even have the strength to do that.

I could feel myself slowly slip from reality as everything began to blur into a hodgepodge of colors… but even in this decrepit state, I knew I must move forward.

It’s because only in moving forward can you even move at all

“Or some shit like that” I murmur to myself as I slowly try to stand up, using the rifle as support. My knees wobbled and screamed with pain as I tried to posture myself upright. I could feel my body slowly crumble away as my body, howling to no end of its pain, slowly lets my blood drip from its various cuts and openings; my blood slowly trickling down to meet the hard yet warm kiss of terra.

As my body screamed for sweet release from the torturous pains that afflicted me, so too did my mouth scream “Is that all you got?!”  By sheer force of will, I stood there, defiant to the last breath- ever with a smile on my face as any other time.

“Ho? You still have some ‘fight’ left in you, little one?” He laughed his sickeningly wet laugh, letting his saliva drip from the sides of his cracked fat face. “I shall relish devouring you”

He moved closer towards me, slowly, as if he were enjoying every moment of my agony. I did not look away, I neither felt fear nor weakness, I would not give him that satisfaction.

He opened the mouth at his torso and placed its tongue on my cheek. “You taste delicious, little boy” it spoke using its other mouth.

He started to wrap his disgusting tongue around my neck, slowly tightening his grip. “Prepare yourself, child, I shall show you true ecstasy” he smiled

“I am a Chemosh” I smiled back "I will not die."




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