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Chapter 37: Hunger

I wanted freedom that came from overcoming difficulty and death. I wanted to avenge my friends who died due to grandfather's insanity. I knew I could not take them with me for my road was only to be taken by a Chemosh, and none may dare follow.

I had to leave, I had to escape their world and head back into mine because it is only there that I can face the demons that walk in and out among us.

I had to escape, I had to run...

I slowly crept out of the window, holding everything I might need for the journey ahead. The clothes on my back, some rations, a gun and a whole lot of ammo.

"So is this how all Chemosh return their favors? Pack up and disappear as if you were never here?" She snarled angrily at me. It felt as if a thousand daggers were pinning me to the window I was slowly creeping out of.

"N-now Micah, this isn't what it looks like. I was just going out to get some air. It's just that the air I want is a couple of hundred miles away frome here." I said, thinking how stupid I sounded then and there.

"Why do you relish in making other people worried about you?! How do you think Irene feels?! And Anna?! And this, this Miki person?!" She screamed at me as if I was at fault for everything.

"Can't you at least stay until all your injuries were healed? You can do whatever you want when the possibility of you collapsing after taking a few steps from here disappears."

Without another word, she turned around and left the tent. The other girls slowly made their way in, somewhat in a dazed state. I did not know what to do, but I knew I must make my escape quick, before they would be any more affected by my actions. I knew this was the most opportune time to run.

And so I ran out, trying to find a vehicle I can take with me towards whatever hell awaited the Chemosh. I ran past Grave and his fetid turkey and suddenly my world became black.

I suddenly found myself in Ashwarren, I was surrounded by screaming, yelling and gunfire. I barely noticed my bleeding leg and the various medical equipment attached to me as I made my way deeper into the city, grabbing whatever object I could find that could be used as a weapon.

I saw one of them run at me, holding a bayonet high above his ugly head. Jumping to the left I quickly evaded him then bludgeoned him on the nape. No problems there. I took his gun, not knowing if it would do me any good. It looked as if it had been from a sci-fi games with its glowing and weird oddities and accessories.

By now my leg was fixing itself in a weird autonomous disgusting fashion. The wound seemed to rip iteself apart then re attach itself. It reminded me so much of coral reefs, pollips, and the ocean. 'How strange' I thought to myself.

Then I faced a menace, a bloated deformed disgusting thing brought about the sick minds of humanity. It turned towards me, fully revealing its disgusting vysad. It looked like seemingly familiar, like the boogeyman from a Tim Burton movie, only covered in liquid and organs. It had two mouths, one on its arm and one located in what I believed to be its torso.

It roared at me with its hideous mouth. "You, I know you!" He bellowed
"You are the child that all men must face.
You are the one that shall doom this entire place!"
He laughed hard
"You are a child that shalt bring darkness and fire
You are the one that have made things so dire!"

I did not know what the hell it was talking about. "Uh, okay"

"You don't even know the problems you have created
but in due time you shall learn, that an alliance between us is fated."

I quickly aimed my weapon and played with its numerous switches, triggers and buttons, hoping one of them would be the button that shoots the damned thing.

"Listen to me child of Chemosh blood"

"I don't really think I should!" I screamed as I shot at him with a thousand rounds of whatever the fuck I was shooting. "DIE YOU BIG FAT PIECE OF-" suddenly a resounding thud hit me from the side. I felt my ribs crack.

I was thrown thirty meters towards the side with pain wracking my entire body.

"Foolish child, there is no way my own weapon can harm me!"

Even through the pain, I had to make a wisecrack "Shut up you poor copy of free willy! You're damned ugly!" Damn, why did I have to rhyme with him?



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